1951 Kay M-1 Upright Bass






M-1 Upright Bass



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This is quite a find these days this cool ass 72 year old 1951 Kay M-1 Upright Bass in a stunning all Blonde original finish w/some groovy history. These early Kay Upright basses were the hit for most every band in need during the late 40’s Jazz scene thru the Rock & Roll 50’s & 60’s scenes. The most famous Kay player of the day was  Bill Black who played w/Elvis Presley during the most crucial years on one of these bad boys ! His was decorated in a white border all over its edges & seen in a zillion photos. Paul McCartney wound up w/the bass…uh go figure huh ? This beautiful example was an icon in the South Florida area & was hung up “wired” to the wall as a display & we cut it loose & took it off the wall. Its been for sale at the National Pawn Shop for at least the last 35 years ! Its miraculously lived a gentle life remaining mostly unplayed. Its quite excellent all over showing only the slightest edginess on its back side edges. Its uncracked & untouched from new & the most amazing one we’ve ever seen. Its Blonde finish has some weather checking & slight wear all over. BUT its spruce top is very beautiful & grainy as hell making for a perfect photo op ! Needs to be cleaned & setup w/a new set of strings. But she’s an exceptionally clean example & most of these look beat, faded, worn out & broken. Can’t wait to thump on her.