1960 Gibson GA-88S & GA-83S Stereo Amps






GA-88S & GA-83S Stereo Amps



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“Dont know what to do with your Gibson ES-345 Stereo guitar??”  These 2 rare gems are the coolest amps made by Gibson. 1st the GA-88S is a real 2 piece Stereo amp w/its amplifier head that fits in a small storage compartment in the smallest cabinet, which snugly fits into the larger cabinet. Its a very rare 1960 example with the original 2 x 12inch Jensen P12P speakers in 2 separate cabinets. It has 18 Watts of power per side which you can run stereo or mono. As it is a Stereo amp it has 2 output transformers so it needs both speakers connected at all times ! Only 236 have ever been produced by Gibson between 1959 and 1961, of which 102 in 1960. This one was dead original from the bottom up. The 2nd amp is a GA-83S 1 piece combo in near perfect original condition w/very similar features having both speakers facing outside its cabinet on both sides. Very unique for its time. Both look as amazing as they sound, its a real head turner for sure!!