1964 Gibson Thunderbird II Bass






Thunderbird II Bass



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This is most likely the rarest & most significant Gibson Bass ever produced. These 1st issue Thunderbird’s & Firebird’s were so far ahead of time & very few were ever made comparatively to Fender’s P & J Basses. Most all T’bird’s were available in a Sunburst finish. But some were ordered in their select Custom Colors. This particular example was ordered in Gibson’s most luv’d optional color of Polaris White all over its neck & body. This T’bird is most likely the cleanest example of this Polaris White finish extant. Very little yellowing nor any playtime wear on this ever. These tend to get funky from playing in bars & clubs & get nicotine stained. This ‘bird’s ultra clean w/no major yellowing & very little aging. You know these custom colors are original when you see that the headstock white border (on this bass) is yellowed more than the rest of its finish as Gibson sprayed the headstocks w/a clear lacquer to protect its 2-tone black & white scene & it fades more than the rest of the finish. Its rosewood fingerboard is straight as an arrow & its neck is very playable. It’s nickel plated pickup cover & all parts are all original & faded like they should be. It has some weather checking up & down the back of the neck & 1 area on its treble side where the paint is crystallizing a bit along the bound fingerboard edge where it meets the neck. It’s perfectly solid w/no repairs anywhere ever. It’s really a museum piece to cherish as I do & I just stare at its beauty. Being a fan of Mott the Hoople, I was privlaged to see Mott in 1974 when Queen opened for them at the Uris Theater. Overend Watts (his stage name) played a white T’bird albeit a refinished T’bird II & I was in awe since then to find one like this & its still the best example we have ever seen & now can be yours. It’s truly 100% untouched & original & comes in its original black/yellow like square hard case.