1966 Dobro Mosrite D-40S Resonator Guitar




Dobro Mosrite


D-40S Resonator Guitar



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This is a mid-late 1960s square-neck Dobro resonator guitar built by Semie Mosley in super clean original shape. Semie Moseley of Mosrite aquired the Dobro name in 1966 and production of Dobros in CA started in early 1967. This was a very special ordered example made for a fellow whom requested the use of some beautiful grainy mahogany for its body. The resonator cover is a C style Resonator as on Nationals with an Inverted Cone & Biscuit Bridge. Its square neck is made from some very sturdy maple capable of very nice tones & playability. It has a factory serial # on the tip of its headstock. Its last caretaker, Mr. William Gregory, owned it for years & often traveled w/it to play w/friends. When first played, one could close their eyes & think it sounds like a wood bodied National. But, when I plugged it in I opened my eyes to see if it was the same guitar. In our opinion, Moseley/Moserite Dobros are the best of the modern era Dobros. Semie Moseley was a master of his craft & combined attributes of his brand to Dobro bodies in ways that improved an already great guitar. Made in Gardena, California, when Semie Moseley owned & operated Dobro, at first he used left over stock and operated out of the old Dobro facility in Gardena, CA. Later moving Dobro production to his facility in Bakersfield, CA Semie purchased the company that manufactured Dobros. Included in the sale is an old copy of Frets magazine featuring Jerry Douglas who played one just like this.  She’s exceptionally clean overall & comes in its very rare slightly worn square shaped hard case.