1968 Fender Super Reverb Amp






Super Reverb Amp


Very Good

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Here we have an all-original 1968 Fender Super Reverb combo. This amp was maintained its entire life and sounds phenomenal with a glassy aura that makes this a true hallmark Fender design. The AB763 circuit is a sweet spot in the spectrum of the 1st era Silver panel-era amps w/the cool drip rail frame trim done only in 1968. She’s 40W through 4×10’s, 2-channels with tremolo and reverb in a sort of manageable enclosure is just about all anyone needs. Its original tube chart is intact. The dynamic, glassy cleans that it generates are truly remarkable and would be a powerful studio or professional performance tool. She’s sporting her original matching foursome of Fender 10″s Blue label speakers. She has its original transformers & tilt legs included. She’s been used most her life & is dirty & dusty w/a funky grill cloth, but she’s great sounding amp. She’s very good overall & is ready to use on the next gig.