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1998 Trace Elliot Trace Acoustic PA 16-2/600 PA System NOS




Trace Elliot


Trace Acoustic PA 16-2/600 PA System NOS


New Old Stock

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Here is an extremely rare powered mixer made by trace elliot. It’s a trace acoustic system PA 16-2/600 w/a rare pair of TASS 16 Cabinerts all New Old Stock in its original unopened now open shipping cartons. What makes this mixer unit unique is that it was designed with acoustic guitars in mind. The unit has 16 channels. Four of them were made for acoustic guitars, they have 1/4″ active and piezo inputs and notch filters. Four of the channels are for mic or line inputs and have xlr and 1/4 inputs. The last 8 channels have 1/4″ inputs and can be used as 4 mono inputs or 8 stereo inputs. The unit has reverb and delay with a balance control. The unit is biamped and can be triamped. There are two stereo power amps in the unit. A 200 watt per channel amp for the lows and a 100 watt per channel amp for the highs. He said that the amps can run down to 4 ohms on each channel but he recommended that each channel be run at 8 ohms. The high end amp is crossed over at 1000hz. The back of the mixer has two, 4 prong speaker outputs. The dimensions are 21 1/2″ long, 17″ deep and 4 1/2″ tall in the front, 7 1/2″ tall in the back. The speaker cabs are ultra rare tall & round w/2 10″ speakers & a pair of horns. It was made to handle the power output of this particular Mixer. They are virtually new & unused condition. Fabulous setup.