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1995 Trace Elliot Bonneville H100 Full Stack w/2 4x12" Cabinets




Trace Elliot


Bonneville H100 Full Stack 4×12 Cabinets



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SKU: 13326


A rare find ! Few of these were made. This is an all-tube, 100-watt w/a full stack of 4×12″ slant & straight Cabinets made by Trace Elliot. It’s a top line setup in a gorgeous Dark Green Tolex on the head & 12 cabs. Speakers inside are Celestion Vintage 30’s. Sounds incredible and can easily handle live sets. The amp is unique in a number of ways. My favorite are the three different preamp voices. You can pick from a clean, overdrive, or high-gain voice. It has two footswitch-able channels, volume being the only level is the only parameter that can be set independently. Gain and preamp selection are common to both. The FX loop switch on the front of the amp cuts off the signal completely when the rear FX loop is set to “series”. This is how it was designed, oddly enough. I’ve tested it with several guitars and all of the voices; everything seems to function properly. The tubes inside are EL34s and 6L6s. She’s excellent overall. We have 2 of these full stack’s available. This is excellent overall & sounds as good as any Marshall stacks for 1/2 the price ! We also have a huge selection of other type of Trace Elliot’s including 2 dozen all tube combos of all types & a few New Old Stock PA speaker cabinets in their original shipping cartons.