1998 Gibson Les Paul Joe Perry Prototype






Les Paul Joe Perry "Prototype"



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This is a very rare 1998 Gibson Les Paul Joe Perry model made & used as a small run of 20-25 Les Pauls in Germany to sell Gibson’s vast variety of their Humbucking pickups. Gibson of Germany commissioned these Les Paul’s to have C & C machines cut routes inside each Les Paul to be able to swap pickups out so a customer can hear 1 of many sets of pickups they made so to purchase them. So 25 or so shops had these in their posession to sell product. There were mostly basic cherry sunburst LP Std’s that they produced but just 1 Joe Perry model & this is the exact one. Almost a Prototype, this beautiful Gray’bursted Flamey Les Paul is in excellent shape & has a set of PAF’s in it mounted to these C & C wooden platforms that snap in place & work like any factory installed pickups. Quite shoddy looking from the back in all respects, yet perfectly user friendly in design that was a complete failure as the pickup biz never really took off the way they hoped. Notice the last photos of Gibson’s own version from 2008 called the “Pushtone” Les Paul made 10 years after ! This is the sole example of this project of the swapable Pickup Les Paul’s & can be yours today. Buy them both. It’s quite cool & clean & comes in its original hard case.