2010 Carl Thompson Class A 4-string Bass




Carl Thompson


Class A 4-String Bass



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As a bass player that likes anything from Rufus/Chaka Khan, Sly & James Brown to Bad Company to Blake Shelton…I am a diverse player that generally likes to funk ! I have been a Carl Thompson (made in Brooklyn since 1974) fan since 1976 when his new top line 4 string bass was a monsterious $650. vs. a Fender P Bass that was only a mere $219. Carl is an icon who against all odds has stayed 2-3 years behind schedule for the last 2 decades. This is Carl’s “Class A” model 4-string fretted bass & a typical 1 of a kind. It’s simply one of the most beautiful basses in the world w/his famous “Lobster Claw” Cutaway & is an absolute perfect playing machine ! Carl is my absolute favorite bass maker & had made this especially for Evan Meyers who picked up on Carl’s Birthday that year & date stamped it right in front of him 2510 for 2/5/10. Carl was most famous for lightweight basses made for pro musicians w/bad backs & long gigs. Its made w/a light core of Mahogany w/some really pretty Cocobolo top laminations. The back laminations are made from stunning Fishtail Oak that is so beautiful it should have been used for its Top. Its got center body laminations front & back w/matching pickup covers of black Macassar Ebony…this bass is so resonant it’ll blow you away. Its got a pair of Kent Armstrong Soapbar pickups wired passively that catch every type of cool tones you can imagine. Its 5 piece neck is made from mahogany w/ribbons of cocobolo & picote w/a Macassar Ebony fingerboard. She’s perfectly balanced & only 7 lbs. Pete Hilton (now of Hilton Bass fame) worked for Carl for 13 years. His talent & influences went deep into Carl Thompsons life & became Carl’s best builder. Pete made this particular bass & it has a sort of 3-D Claw design unlike most others & he added a very custom ebony & picote nut w/a zebra striped truss rod cover. This bass has tone like I have never heard before…it is that special. She’s a keeper. $Not For Sale.