2000 Raven Arch Top Jazz Guitar






Arch Top Jazz Guitar


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This is a very affordable Arch Top guitar made in Korea by the Raven Guitar company. Its made like a Gibson ES-175DN in a beautiful Blonde finish. Its got a set neck & made w/a quality anyone would luv for the price. Its quite fancy  having a ton of white bonding on every edge from its body to its headstock. Its got 2 Humbuckers, a Tremolo system & all gold hardware. It’s like new in all respects & has never been used. It comes w/a nice gig bag.


Just FYI…“Raven was the house brand for Great West Music, a large music biz distributor out of New Westminster, B.C. in the years around 1970.” This incarnation of Raven instruments would have been retailed through smaller department store chains and independent stores carrying instruments. The time period for this incarnation of the name appears to be mid – late 1960’s until the late 1970’s or early-mid 1980’s. The badge style headstock logo with the bird is the original logo for these instruments. Some or all of these Raven electric guitars were made by Matsumoku, through Aria. They share this with PAN, another ‘stencil’ brand contracted through Aria for the Canadian department store market (the competing ‘MANN’ brand being made for the Canadian market by Fujigen Gakki). This ‘Raven’ brand included acoustic guitars and electrics, usually if not always clones of well known Gibson, Epiphone, Fender, etc. models.